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Product Overview
Decorative, non-skid acrylic finish providing a durable, colorful topping for concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Product Description
ARMA-TOP is a high quality water-based acrylic finish incorporating an epoxy additive to increase the abrasion resistance properties of the film. A special spherical silica sand is suspended in the emulsion to provide a fine uniform texture. This silica can be eliminated for projects requiring a smooth finish.

ARMA-TOP provides a durable colored topping for horizontal concrete and asphalt surfaces. In addition, its satin sheen makes ARMA-TOP an aesthetically pleasing wall dressing which effectively evens out texture and color variations over various concrete substrates.

Basic Uses
ARMA-TOP was specifically developed for use over concrete, masonry, stucco, plaster and asphalt surfaces where a durable colored coating is required. Its epoxy modified acrylic finish is designed to resist abrasion, weathering and moisture degradation. ARMA-TOP is recommended for use on recreational courts, walkways, pool decks, tennis courts, patio decks and floors. It is also specified as a fine texture, weather resistant colored finish on vertical surfaces such as building exteriors, highway bridge structures, median barriers, retaining walls and noise abatement walls.

ARMA-TOP can also be used in combination with ARMA 101 Basecoat on applications requiring a waterproof membrane topcoated with a non-skid colored finish. This system is particularly effective on above grade tennis courts and recreational decks as well as balconies and lanais.


  • Single-package, water-based system for ease of application and clean-up.
  • Bonds tenaciously to concrete, masonry and asphalt surfaces.
  • Resists ultraviolet degradation for long term protection and color stability.
  • Provides durable, non-skid texture on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Resists wear and abrasion through the incorporation of an epoxy additive.
  • Protects against asphalt degradation by sealing in the vital oils of the asphalt mix.
  • Helps prevent dusting and spalling of concrete surfaces.
  • Surfaces resist penetration from general soils, motor oils and gasoline for ease in cleaning.
  • No toxic fumes or objectionable odor. Meets all VOC requirements.

Sample Applications

  • Highway Bridges
  • Retaining Walls
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pool and Patio Decks
  • Walkways
  • Balconies
  • Noise Abatement Walls
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