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Product Overview
Polyurethane/polyurea elastomer providing a tough, flexible, impact-absorbing, chemical and abrasion-resistant, even-textured, skid-resistant surface.

Product Description
Arma 952 is a two component, 100% solids, polyurethane/polyurea spray elastomer. This system provides a waterproof, flexible, extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Arma 952 bonds tenaciously to metal, concrete, fiberglass and wood surfaces, and remains flexible at temperature extremes from -40 to +93C (-40 to +200F.)


  • Meets all EPA Emission Levels for VOC's
  • USDA - Secondary and Incidental Food Contact


  • Arma 952 combines the processing advantages of a polyurea with the economical performance of a polyurethane coating.
  • Arma 952 is a seamless membrane that can be handled and walked on within 30 seconds of the time it is sprayed.
  • Arma 952 is extremely flexible, stretching to 280% of its original size without any adhesion loss, eliminating the "shearing effect" and loss of adhesion that plagues other coatings due to substrate expansion, contraction and elevation shifts.
  • Due to it's almost instantaneous gel time, Arma 952 can be built up to any thickness in one application, including vertical and overhead surfaces, which eliminates the need for multi-coat applications.
  • Arma 952 is 100% solids. No solvents, no V.O.C.'s.
  • Arma 952 has high temperature stability with a working temperature of up to 121C (250F) with intermittent temperatures up to 177C (350F).
  • Arma 952 is formulated with 25% polyurea. This increases shelf life of the liquids in the drums as well as enhancing color and light stability in the finished product.

Sample Applications

  • Truck Bedliners
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Flatbeds and Trailers
  • Landscaping and Pest Control Vehicles
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