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Why is the ArmaCoatings bedliner better than the others?
Unlike cold, low pressure spray systems, our heated, high pressure spray application provides a better bond to metal, quicker curing time and better looking finish. In addition, because our polyurethane contains 25% polyurea, an Arma Coated bedliner is more durable with superior tensile strength (stretchability) to resist chipping, denting or cracking, even in extreme temperatures.

Will my bedliner look as good as other Arma bedliners I've seen?
Absolutely! Our heated, high pressure application consistently provides an even-textured, uniform finish that looks fantastic on every truck. Cold, low pressure systems give uneven, blotchy textures which are not consistent from truck to truck.

How soon can I use my truck after it has been sprayed with ArmaCoatings?
The same day! Our product takes just minutes to cure, so after the typical 2-3 hour installation, you can use your truck bed right away. Special jobs may take longer.

What does it cost?
An ArmaCoatings bedliner is affordable, cost effective, and adds to the overall value and look of your truck. For prices please contact us.

Can I get a colored bedliner?
A rainbow of colors is available. The Arma Gloss topcoat is also available to prevent fading or revitalize any faded polyurethane surface.

How thick is the bedliner?
The typical application is 1/8 to 3/16 thick, that's 125 mils on the walls and 190 mils on the floor, for permanent truck bed protection. Thicker coatings available at an extra charge.

Is there a warranty?
Yes. We guarantee your bedliner for as long as you own your truck.

Can it be repaired?
Yes, although repairs are rarely needed because of the durability and toughness of our product. Spot repairs can be done and are covered by our warranty. Damage due to collision will usually be covered by insurance since an ArmaCoatings bedliner is a permanent part of your vehicle. Check with your insurance agent.

Does an ArmaCoatings bedliner add value to my truck?
Definitely! Bedliners are recognized in resale price guides as an added-value option. An ArmaCoatings spray-on bedliner prevents the rust, scratches and dents from normal use that would otherwise lower its value.

What other ways can ArmaCoatings be applied?
ArmaCoatings' diverse product line has been used with great results in hundreds of commercial, residential and industrial applications to meet a wide range of needs, from waterproofing to high heat and abrasion resistance.

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