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Drop-in Bedliners
Versus the traditional drop-in bedliner, ArmaCoatings far surpasses the competition. On the surface it appears that drop-in bedliners are successful in reducing damage caused by cargo impacting the truck bed; however, it is just underneath that layer of protection that you will find the drop-in bedliner is doing more harm than good.

The drop-in bedliner is just that -- a drop-in. Because the liner lays in the bed rather than adhering to it, the space that exists between the liner and the bed itself is an excellent place for grit, water, and road salt to accumulate. These three things trapped between the liner and the bed will eventually result in a rusted, corroded truck bed.

As you drive your truck with a drop-in bedliner in place, the bedliner slowly rubs the grit into the painted truck bed. Once the grit has penetrated the thin layer of paint, the water and road salt -- which is so prevalent on Minnesota roads during the winter -- start to do damage, creating rust anywhere the paint has been rubbed away.

ArmaCoatings is different! Adhering to the bed itself, there is no gap for grit, water, or salt to accumulate. By ArmaCoating your truck bed, not only are you protecting the bed from cargo impacts, but protecting your bed from rust which is something the drop-in bedliners cannot do.

Other Spray-ons
Unlike cold, low pressure spray systems, our heated, high pressure spray application provides a better bond to metal, quicker curing time and better looking finish. In addition, because our polyurethane contains 25% polyurea, an Arma Coated bedliner is more durable with superior tensile strength (stretchability) to resist chipping, denting or cracking, even in extreme temperatures.

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