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NO MORE rattling, rusting, rotting, slipping or chipping!

Not only does an ArmaCoatings truck bedliner look great on your truck, it provides a protective barrier that prevents rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion from what you haul, so your truck will have an extended service life and increased re-sale value.

If you are currently depending on a drop-in liner or considering a drop-in, think again. Drop-ins rattle around, promote payload slippage, and allow moisture and grit to get underneath the liner. With the salt that is poured on Minnesota roads in the winter this combination of moisture and grit underneath a drop-in liner will result in a rusted truck bed, ultimately failing to protect your bed.

Road salt can DESTROY your bed!

The image above illustrates just how extensive road salt damage can be even with a drop-in liner! A DROP-IN LINER WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR BED! This truck bed has been completely destroyed by the salt that coats Minnesota roads during the winter. If this owner had invested in an ArmaCoatings spray-on liner this would never had happened.

The ArmaCoatings Advantage
Two things to look for in a quality, sprayed-on truck bedliner are consistent, even coverage, and uniform texture. Cold, low-pressure applications that spatter, drip, run and peel up can't come close to the looks or quality of ArmaCoatings' heated, high pressure application.

Plastic drop-in liners and cold, low pressure spray-on applications don't come close.

  • Impact Resistant: ArmaCoatings bedliners are hard yet flexible. No more chips, dents or scratches.
  • Even Textured, Uniform Coverage: Our heated application system produces the best looking coating, with no blotches, drips, runs or uneven areas.
  • Quick Curing Time: Our truck bedliner sets in seconds, can be walked on in minutes, and is ready for use in just 2-3 hours! Go off-road or haul that load the same day!
  • Permanent Adhesion: Will not crack, warp or peel up, guaranteed!
  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion: This moisture-proof barrier prevents water, scratches and chemical corrosion from many substances such as gasoline, oil and fertilizers.
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures: Remains flexible from -40 to 200F.
  • Reduces Noise and Slippage: Unique, even-textured surface helps your load stay in one place, and offers sound dampening features as well.
  • No Loss of Space: The application follows the contours of your bed and has minimal effect on cargo capacity, leaving access to tie downs, fifth wheels and other accessories.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Your ArmaCoatings bedliner is guaranteed as long as you own the truck.

Other Automotive Applications:
Add style and ruggedness to other areas of your truck such as bumpers, roll bars, running boards, lower body panels, canopies, truck racks and the underside of fenders. Improve looks and service life of all types of automotive, recreational, and commercial vehicles.

Travel Trailers, Horse and Boat Trailers, Utility and Equipment Trailers, Motor Home Roofs, Delivery Truck Floors, Ramps and Steps, Van and SUV Interiors, Jeep and Four-Wheeler Body Restoration, Heavy Commercial Equipment Bodies -- ArmaCoatings will provide the durable protection you need.

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